Our molds

About Silicone

Our silicone molds made of high quality EU made silicone "SKR" with a tin catalyst.

Use them to cast a variety of non-aggressive and NON-FOOD materials including soap or wax.

When using aggressive materials (gypsum, resin etc), a release agent must be used. For example Ease Release

Silicone Specifications

• Shore Hardness A = 4-10
• Temperature resistance up to 250°С
• Elongation at break 600%

The hardness of the silicone is selected individually, depending on the type of master model or your wishes.

Special skills to work perfectly.

We test all our molds with M&P soap and they always give excellent results. Unfortunately we have no experience with candle wax or other materials. If you are working with wax, consider the fragility of the wax. Delicate and thin flower petals can break when released from the mold.