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Silicone molds masters Oleh and Yevheniia Tovarnytskyi

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The beginning

Hi. We live in Odessa, Ukraine. In 2013, my wife began to get involved in soap making and created her own brand "Soap Fantasy". I wanted to make unique silicone molds for her. Such as to surprise others, and so that only she could make amazing soap from these molds. Thus in 2014 "Soap Fantasy" turned into "Soap Fantasy Molds".

Oleh & Yevheniia Tovarnytskyi

Caviar silicone mold.


My first silicone mold.

I immediately wanted to make a unique mold in a way that had never occurred to anyone before. I decided to try using natural products to reproduce the details as realistically as possible. Thus, we got our first soap - a sandwich with red caviar, which was difficult to distinguish from the real product. This surprised and inspired me for further work.

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educational and entertaining videos of soap making


YouTube channel

We continued to grow up our YouTube channel. Now it contains many educational and entertaining videos on the topic of soap making. If you make flowers with our molds, then I recommend watching a detailed master class on making difficult 3D soap flowers.

Enjoy with Soap Fantasy Molds!

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International store

At first, we sold only in Ukraine, but thanks to YouTube, in other countries began to be interested in our products. In August 2017, we launched our first international Etsy store.
But it's time to move on. That's why we are launching our own store. This allowed us to significantly reduce the prices of our molds for you, as well as expand their range.

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