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GARAGE SALE >> Triplet lemons silicone mold for soap making

GARAGE SALE >> Triplet lemons silicone mold for soap making

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This is the zero mold that was used to make the master model. It is cast from the original model made by the sculptor, and may therefore contain some of the original model's pigment and minor defects.

Triplet lemons silicone mold (mould) for M&P soap making and candle making

3x peeled lemons:
Soap weight about 30g ( 1.1oz )
Soap size (estimate): width 49mm ( 1.9in ), height 36mm ( 1.4in )

IMPORTANT *: Please check the size before purchase!!!

IMPORTANT **: We test all our molds with M&P soap and they always give excellent results. Unfortunately we have no experience with candle wax or other materials. If you are working with wax, consider the fragility of the wax.

IMPORTANT ***: This is not food grade silicone!

WE RECOMMEND VIDEO "Basic principles for pouring 3D flowers M&P Soap"

This silicone 3D mold made of high quality EU made silicone "SKR" with a tin catalyst (Use them to cast a variety of non-aggressive and NON-FOOD materials including soap, wax, gypsum etc.)
Silicone Specifications (approximately):
• Shore Hardness A = 4-10
• Temperature resistance up to 250°С
• Elongation at break 600%

Video tutorials -

Enjoy with Soap Fantasy Molds!

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